June 10, 2017

My thoughts on the Wonder Woman Movie

How I Rated the Wonder Woman Movie ?
I've never particularly enjoyed the DC movies and after being disappointed time and again, I decided that DC and cinemas simply don't mix. And while the Wonder Woman trailers looked good, I wasn't sure I wanted to watch the movie either. Trailers can be quite deceptive after all. But I'm glad I decided to give Wonder Woman a chance.

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I'd give Wonder Woman a 3 stars. Why not a 4 or 5 ? As far as DC film adaptations go, Wonder Woman is definitely a cut above the rest but it still has a long way to go to top the Avengers movie, which is still my favorite superhero film. (I know the Dark Knight movies were popular but I hated them. Too much doom and gloom for my tastes).

What I Liked About Wonder Woman?
This one's obvious. A movie where there are tons of strong, powerful women and an absolutely awesome female lead, how could I not enjoy it.

Having plenty of super cool exciting action scenes helped too.

What I Disliked About Wonder Woman ?
I don't like to nitpick but there were plenty of stuff in the movie that simply didn't make sense. *SPOILER ALERT* If the intention was to keep the identity of the main villain a secret, that was a total failure. In fact, how could a group of so called experienced spies and mercenaries NOT pick up on the obviously suspicious behaviour of the person in question ? I certainly did.

Then, there's the feeling throughout the movie that the movie makers were trying a little too hard. While the action sequences were impressive on the whole, there were times when Wonder Woman looked like she was far more intent on showing off to the audience and not focusing on the bad guys in the movie.  Same goes for the humorous elements. It might have raised a chuckle or two but nothing laugh out loud funny.

And that's why  Wonder Woman got a 3 from me.

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