September 5, 2009


Title : Desperation
Author : Stephen King
Reading Dates : 5 Sep - 9 Sep 2009

Book Summary of Desperation.
The book starts off with relating how most of the main characters end up being captured by Collier Entragian, 1 of Desperation's Town Police who has somehow gone mad and murdered almost everyone in Desperation. One of the survivors' of Entragian's rampage in Desperation is veterinarian Tom Billingsley whom he imprisons. The Carver family on vacation from Ohio is tricked by Entragian pretending to be protecting them from another cop gone bad. By the time they realize they've been tricked, its too late and 7-year old Kirsten has been killed. Ralph, Ellen and David Carver all end up in the town jail as well. Next, Peter and Mary Jackson of New York are arrested by Entragian. It is only when Peter is shot and killed that Mary realizes that her life is now in the hands of a madman. Next, has-been writer John Marinville is arrested on trump up charges as well by Entragian. Johnny, who quickly realizes that something is wrong manages to call Steve Ames who has been hired to follow Johnny at a discreet distance and provide him with any required assistance. Though the reception is bad, Steve is able to discern that something bad may have happened and with hitchhiker Cynthia Smith in tow rushes off to find Johnny. Steve and Cynthia quickly realize that something worse than an accident may have occured and head off to the nearest town, Desperation to seek assistance.

Shortly after Entragian's capture of Johnny, he drags Ellen Carver off leaving the rest of his prisoners behind. 11-year old David manages to escape from his prison cell and free the other prisoners. David and the other escapees decide to hide out in an abandoned cinema, The American West. Steve and Cynthia who arrived in Desperation around that time, soon realizes that there are supernatural forces at work. They join David's group with another Desperation survivor, Audrey Wyler.

Meanwhile, unknown to the group of survivors, the being which was in Entragian has now taken over Ellen's body and is back in Desperation hunting its escaped prisoners. The creature known as Tak sends a cougar in after their group in the cinema. Billingsley is killed by the cougar while Audrey who has actually been under Tak's control attempts to kill David. They manage to save David while Audrey dies instead. Mary who had stayed behind alone with the dying Billingsley is recaptured by Tak while the others were battling Audrey.

After much persuasion, David convinces the rest that they must close the entrance of the mine, the China Pit from which Tak escaped. Although they succeed and save Mary, it is at the cost of Ralph and Johnny's lives.

Book Review of Desperation.
Finishing Desperation, I was not quite sure what to think of it. It could hardly have been a happy ending with David Carver losing his entire family because he had tried to do what was necessary, what his God demanded of him. And yet his life was spared and he still kept his faith in the end. Then, there's Johnny Marinville's character. Right from the start, I couldn't like his character. He seemed pretentious, vain and cowardly. But in the end he was given a chance at redemption and he did take it. In the end, he chose to sacrifice himself to save the others. I supposed I can only say that the book is interesting, but I can't rightly decide whether I liked it or not.

Links to other Stephen King books.
  • The character of Cynthia Smith has appeared before in Rose Madder.
  • Cynthia has a discount card for Tower Records and Video, a link to the Dark Tower series.
  • Collie Entragian refers to himself as a wolf at one point, a link to The Talisman and the Dark Tower series.
  • There is a mention of The Tommyknockers.

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