November 27, 2009


Dhampir (Noble Dead)Title : Dhampir
Author : Barb and J.C. Hendee
Reading Dates : 26 Nov - 29 Nov 2009

Book Summary of Dhampir

Magiere has a reputation as a formidable vampire slayer. However, only she and her half-elf partner Leesil knows that she's a fake. For years now since they first met, the duo have been swindling superstitious villagers out of their money with Leesil playing the vampire to Magiere's vampire slayer. Their only other companion being Chap, Leesil's pet dog.

What surprises Leesil is Magiere's announcement that she's had enough of life on the road and that her banker has just purchased a tavern up for sale in Miiska for her. Though reluctant at first, Leesil soon accepts Magiere's offer to join her in running the tavern. What neither of them expected to find was a Miiska plagued by a trio of vampires or the strange powers which enable Magiere and Chap to detect and wound them. So instead of running another vampire hunting con, the partners find themselves battling vampires for real and losing.

Although Magiere manages to kill or drive off the 3 vampires, this comes at a cost. Their new friend Brenden the blacksmith is dead, their home and source of livelihood burned down and Leesil bedridden for the next month at least. Most important of all none of their questions on their pasts or the motives for Magiere's creation answered.

Book Review of Dhampir.
Not the best vampire novel I've read but not the worst either. Neither Magiere nor Leesil's characters stand out. The only reason to read on is the curiosity factor. Why was Magiere created and why would a Noble Dead create a creature who could destroy his own kind ? Who is Welstiel Massing and what are his motives for helping Magiere ? What is Chap and why is it he can detect vampires ? It is these questions which keep the story interesting enough for me to want to read on.

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