November 28, 2010

Review : Explorer X-Alpha

Title : Explorer X-Alpha
Author : LM Preston
Reading Dates : 5 Nov - 7 Nov 2010
Explorer X - Alpha
From Amazon :
For most kids, a trip to space camp is the trip of a lifetime for Aadi it was life altering. After receiving a camp immunization needed for travel to Mars, Aadi finds that the immunization is the catalyst of an insidious experiment. He realizes what is happening too late for a change of fate. The full experiment is set in motion when he and his co-pilot, Eirena, crash in a distant galaxy called Shrenas, where they change and realize the full extent of their power. This turn of events forces him to grow up quickly, accept his change, and to decide to save a world, or to do what he was trained to do dominate it. His power is coveted by the warring leaders of Shrenas, and he is forced to choose sides a decision that may prove just how much humanity he has left.

Book Review of Explorer X-Alpha.
I tried very hard but I couldn't think of a reason I'd recommend this book to anyone.

There are many reasons why I didn’t like the book. The first was the stilted language which not only leaves everyone sounding fake but almost robotic in nature. I do not know if this was intentional but in any case, it disrupts the flow of the story and at one point, I thought the A.I. for a car actually sounded more natural than its human operators.

The second is the lack of individualism in the characters. I mean from the thoughts and words of the characters, you can tell what each individual is supposed to be like. The only problem is that none of their behaviour supports that. Even worse was that it was as if they couldn't decide themselves who they're supposed to be. At one moment behaving as if they're normal kids, at another super warriors and at another mature adults. It all feels as if they're all just pretending all the time to be someone else. At no time, did I find any of the characters or their predicament marginally interesting.

The third is the science fiction element. I don't pretend to be an expert but in general there is a common principle which usually lies behind each world authors create. One that should be recognisable and understandable to the readers. Here, there's no such world building being done. All the supposedly secret super cool gadgets the kids have not only lack originality but seems an amalgam of different ideas from shows I've seen as a child. It is also very strange that all the kids seem to have them and not just one or two.

My conclusion : Not my cup of tea but if you’re willing to give this a whirl, I’d suggest borrowing the book.

I won this book from Bookish in a Box.

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  1. I won this book and the second one too. I haven't got to them yet. But I really appreciate the honest review here. Thanks!


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