May 6, 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Follow My Book Blog Friday

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Crazy For Books while Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted at Parajunkee's View.
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This week's question from the Hop : "Which book blogger would you most like to meet in real life?"
Hmmm ... this is a tough one. I don't think I know any book blogger that well yet. There are a few I love to read and follow, but to actually meet them in real life is very scary thought. What if we met and they didn't like me ?

This week's question from the Friday Follow : What character in a book would you most like to be, what character in a book would you most like to date?
The character I'd like to be now is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. If only I were such a clever with, I might be able to charm all my problems away... As for the character I'd like to date. Well, I don't like I'd want to date any of them, no matter how much I love them.

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  1. Heey
    I can't believe I forgot Hermione!! I'm the worst HP fan ever!! XD Same on the dating, I love complicated characters that are probably not suitable for dating anyone!
    Hope you have a great weekend and hop on over if you have the time:
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. Have a great weekend, just blogging by.

  3. I’ve met so many great people via the Book Book Blogger Con at Book Expo America I honestly can’t come up with a single name of a book blogger I want to meet but haven’t yet!

    I’m heading back to BBC @ BEA. I hope to see you there!

    Hop on by my blog and just say hi –

    Howard Sherman

  4. Happy Follow Friday! I am a follower! Hope you will stop by

    Emma Michaels

  5. LOL on worrying that someone didn't like you...I am sure that wouldn't happen.

    Hopping by from the Blog Hop.

    I like this week's question. It is difficult to choose one person, though.


  6. Hi! Hermione is SUCH an AWESOME choice!!!--Ditto Universe--I can't believe I forgot Hermione--But I picked Alanna (from the Tamora Pierce books), who is a kick-butt knight and does magic, so I still think I have a pretty good pick ;)

    And I don't think you have to worry about anyone not liking you--I've never met a fellow HP fan, or book lover I didn't like ;)

    Hope you have a great week!!! :D

  7. Just stopping by to say hi! I'm a new follower :)

    Paranormal Opinion


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