December 22, 2009

Come the Spring

Come the Spring (Clayborne Brothers)Title : Come the Spring
Author : Julie Garwood
Reading Dates : 21 Dec - 25 Dec 2009

Book Summary and Review of Come the Spring.
Cole Clayborne wakes up from a bout of the flu to find that he has been sworn in as a US marshal while he was incapacitated. Cole is determined to relinquish his new responsibility until marshal Daniel Ryan shows him the latest crime scene in the town of Rockford Falls. The scene of the brutal murders of those in the bank at the time of the robbery by the Blackwater gang changes Cole's mind. Daniel himself has been on the trail of the bank robbers for nearly 2 years, especially since his own wife and young daughter became one of their victims.

The marshals are ecstatic at first to discover clues pointing to a possible female witness to the Rockford Falls bank robbery. The case however becomes complicated when all 3 women who might be the witness deny being in the bank at that time. The marshals believe that the 3 women are lying since Rebecca James, Grace Winthrop and Jessica Summers all give nearly the exact same testimonies when interrogated.

All 3 women later claim to be the witness when the boardinghouse where Grace and Jessica are staying is burnt down. Unable to determine who the real witness is, Cole, Daniel and marshal Jack Cooper decide to take all 3 ladies into protective custody and escort them to Blackwater where a judge is waiting to hear their testimony. As a safety precaution, the 3 marshals decide to separate the ladies and travel separately with Daniel, Cole and Cooper escorting Grace, Jessica and Rebecca respectively.

While traveling to their destination, Cooper is almost killed by Rebecca who is actually a part of the Blackwater gang. Luckily he survives to tell Daniel the tale. Once Daniel and Cole regroup, the 2 then set a trap. With the revelation that Jessica is the real witness, they finally put an end to the Blackwater gang.

Rating Come the Spring in comparison to the other books in the series, I would say this is my favourite after For the Roses. The camaraderie between Cole and Daniel and the antics of Jessica's adopted son Caleb is certainly interesting but it still falls short of the warmth and humour found in the bond between the Clayborne brothers in For the Roses. The Claybornes only make a brief appearance at the end of the story and do not make an impact at all. And since Cole, Daniel and Caleb each go their own way half way through the story, we don't really get to enjoy the best parts of the tale. I enjoy happy endings but there is such a thing as too much sweetness. For now, I'll be staying away from more of such similar romances.

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