December 20, 2009

One White Rose

One White RoseTitle : One White Rose
Author : Julie Garwood
Reading Dates : 19 Dec - 20 Dec 2009

Book Summary and Review of One White Rose.
Douglas Clayborne walks in on a lone pregnant woman giving birth and finds himself helping to deliver an early baby. Baby Parker and widow Isabel Grant are being terrorized by the town bully Boyle who is determined to have both Isabel and her land. Unable to risk the new mother and baby by either moving them or starting a war with Boyle and his men, Douglas is forced to hide his presence from Boyle while waiting for Isabel and Parker to grow stronger. During the weeks of confinement together, Douglas and Isabel fall in love. Time runs out when Boyle's men, tired of waiting, attacks Isabel's home while Boyle is away. Luckily, the Clayborne brothers arrive in the nick of time after getting Douglas's summons for help. The Claybornes successfully routes Boyle and his men.

One White Rose isn't badly written, but it isn't anything special either. The drawing point for the story is that the story is part of the Clayborne family saga. Unfortunately, the time that we get to see the brothers interact is too short and we get no further glimpse into the Clayborne's past. I suppose it is too much to hope for more of what made For the Roses so interesting.

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