December 21, 2009

One Red Rose

One Red Rose (Clayborne Brides)Title : One Red Rose
Author : Julie Garwood
Reading Dates : 20 Dec - 21 Dec 2009

Book Summary and Review of One Red Rose.
The oldest of the Clayborne brothers, Adam, returns to Rosehill to find that the bride his Mama Rose found him 2 years ago has finally shown up. Although Adam finds Genevieve Delacroix almost irresistible, Adam is determined to maintain his distance and live out his life alone. However, after Genevieve disappears suddenly from Mama Rose's birthday celebration apparently fleeing from danger, Adam is forced to track her down and offer whatever assistance he can. After learning from Genevieve that she has in her possession money stolen by Reverend Ezekiel Jones, a false preacher, Adam lures the men after Genevieve to Middleton where 3 US marshals are investigating a bank robbery. With the help of marshal Daniel Ryan, Adam takes down Jones and his men. After almost losing Genevieve, Adam also realizes that he is in love with her and marries her.

The last of the Clayborne Brides books is also my least favourite of the 3 books. I find the heroine's sugary sweetness to be irritating. Giving away money despite being broke herself ? And her foolish behaviour disguised as concern for the man she loves only serves to put herself and Adam in danger. For someone on the run from dangerous men to behave as if she was on an adventure despite a destination obvious to all is no longer naivete but idiocy. When Genevieve runs straight into danger fearing for Adam, all she does is put a hostage into enemy hands. Thus, being the one again to put Adam in danger. The hostage situation may have been intended to demonstrate Adam and Genevieve's love for each other, but it only annoys me having to read of such a stupid heroine. Reading this book only makes me pity the Claybornes and wonder at the future troubles Genevieve is going to get them into. Even the Claybornes appearance at the start of the story does not save this book from being a disappointment. Let's hope the last in the Clayborne family saga does better.

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