June 17, 2010

Kiss of the Night

Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 5)Title : Kiss of the Night
Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reading Dates : 15 Jun - 17 Jun 2010

The Dark-Hunter Series. Kiss of the Night is the 5th book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's paranormal romance Dark-Hunter series. Check out the link below for a listing of the books in the series according to reading order.

Book Summary of Kiss of the Night.
Kiss of the Night is the story of the Nordic Dark-Hunter Wulf Tryggson and Cassandra Peters, the last Apollite descendant of the Greek god Apollo.

Unlike the other Dark-Hunters, Wulf was tricked into his current role by another Dark-Hunter seeking to escape Artemis. Worst, he was cursed so that no human can remember him once they leave his presence. The only exception being his own family. Until now that is.

Cassandra is the last Apollite in her family. And since Apollo bound his existence to that of his descendants, it also means that Apollo will disappear with Cassandra's death. Which would also mean the end of the world.

Artemis's meddling brings the two of them together. Now, Wulf has not only to protect Cassandra but their unborn child from Daimons looking for armageddon. But with less than a year left, how can he protect her from Apollo's curse which has killed every Apollite on their 27th birthday?

Book Review of Kiss of the Night.
I tried really, really hard but I just couldn't like this one. In great part, its because I simply couldn't connect with the main protagonists. Right from the start until the end, I couldn't like Wulf and Cassandra. I don't dislike them either. I just couldn't understand why they fell for each other and whether they got together or not didn't seem to matter. Their story just feels like an excuse to put two people on different sides of the fence together. To illustrate, I found myself skipping huge chunks of the interactions between them just to get the story to move on.

One of the parts I thought could be explored further was Wulf's introduction to the Apollite and Daimon world. How will his new knowledge impact the Dark-Hunters ? It seems unfair to continue seeing all of them as the enemy in the light of the different types of Daimons out there. Not all Daimons prey on the innocent. Yet, too much hesitation could endanger the Dark-Hunters and the humans. And will the Greek gods who by their irresponsible actions caused this dichotomy ever have their just punishment ? It will be interesting to see where this leads.

The only bright spark is getting to see old favorites from previous books and meeting some interesting new ones. Acheron is as mysterious as ever. Simi and Zarek's appearance though extremely short, had me laughing at their behaviour. And now we have Chris, Kat and Urian. Chris's plight as the overprotected only child is funny and sweet. In fact, for the first half of the book most of the laughs came from his interactions with others. As for Kat, who is she and why is it the omnipotent Acheron can't sense her ? Also what is Urian now after his resurrection? Will this former Daimon really kill his own father for vengeance in the future ?

Read this only for continuity's sake in the Dark-Hunter world. Else, you might want to skip this one.

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