October 31, 2010

Review : Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

Title : Dark Prince
Author : Christine Feehan
Reading Dates : 22 Sep - 2 Oct 2010
Dark Prince (Carpathians 01)
Dark Series
This is the first book in the series. You can see the series reading order on the author's website :
From Amazon :
Prince of the Night. He came to her in the night, a predator - strength and power chiseled his features. The seduction was deep and elemental; he affected her soul. She craved the dangerous force of his body - and he had only touched her with his mind. Lady of the Light. She came to him at dawn, his bleakest hour. As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair and she answered, a ray of light, piercing his darkness.

Book Review of Dark Prince.
Dark Prince was another book I couldn't get into.

Not because of the writing which was very beautiful especially in describing the Carpathians' shape-shifting abilities and their bond to the world around them. But unfortunately this was the only part of the book that I enjoyed.

There were no surprises in the plot or the Carpathian's talents. While I might have overlooked that, my dislike of the main protagonists and the relationship they shared overrode everything.

Raven and Mikhail are supposed to be an equally strong couple but I felt that their relationship was too unequal. Most of the time, it feels as if Raven is the one who must give way when their wishes or needs collide. Mikhail will tolerate Raven's needs if he can. And if he cannot, he simply does it his way and Raven forgives him later.

Besides this, Raven's irritating habit of getting into trouble through her impulsiveness reminds me too much of some of the rather idiotic heroines I sometimes come across. The ones that are supposed to be spunky, but who just end up getting into situations where they need to be rescued constantly.

My conclusion : Paranormal romance fans who like or don't mind extremely alpha male protagonists might like this.

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  1. I have this book to start on Monday. It's been in my TBR pile for a long time! I'll see how it goes...


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