October 10, 2010

Review : Lord Sunday by Garth Nix

Title : Lord Sunday
Author : Garth Nix
Reading Dates : 31 Aug - 31 Aug 2010
Lord Sunday (The Keys To The Kingdom)
Keys to the Kingdom
The books in the series include :
  • Mister Monday
  • Grim Tuesday
  • Drowned Wednesday
  • Sir Thursday
  • Lady Friday
  • Superior Saturday
  • Lord Sunday
From goodreads :
Arthur has seized the Sixth Key from Superior Saturday, but has fallen from the Incomparable Gardens; fallen not to the Upper House, but to somewhere completely unexpected. Alone in enemy territory, as his mind and body are further transformed by the power of the Keys, Arthur must struggle with himself as much as with his many enemies.

The tide of Nothing continues to rise, destroying everything in its path, and Lord Sunday makes his move...

Book Review of Lord Sunday.
While I enjoyed The Keys to the Kingdom series, this last book left me feeling a bit depressed.

Although it isn't exactly a sad end, it isn't a happy one either. Arthur regains a part of what he lost but not in the way he expects. I had already suspected some treachery due to the Will's behaviour in the earlier books but the ending was still a major surprise. Yet when I think back on all the clues, the revelations that come and the solution is pretty obvious. But while the ending is apropos, that doesn't mean that I have to love it.

Another reason I didn't like Lord Sunday, was how everyone seemed to be waiting for Arthur to save the day, especially Leaf. She really annoyed me with her unwillingness to play a part unless forced to it. I thought it very unreasonable of her that she expected Arthur to solve all the problems because she was tired of adventuring but never considered that Arthur might have the same thoughts or bigger problems on his hands.

What I did like though was Arthur's never give up attitude and the help he conjures up for himself. Even captured by Lord Sunday and terrified, he refused to give in or simply wait for someone else to save him. Instead, he continued to try to think of a means to escape from Lord Sunday. Having his childhood toy come to live was kind of sweet and there is an innocent charm in it.

What I love about the end though is the new role Suzy will play in the scheme of things. With her involvement, the future definitely promises to be an interesting place to be around.

My conclusion : An exciting read with plenty of action as all out war breaks out between the opposing sides.


  1. wow!! u actually finished the series!! Congratulations!! Happy sunday Kah Woei...=)

    My Latest Review:

  2. I have never read any books by Garth Nix but I've to admit that anything w/ wars in it really pique my interest.

  3. I have read the first couple in this series but wasn't interested enough to look for the rest. I do like some other books by Nix much better. Don't you hate it when a series doesn't go that way you think it should? Thoughtful review!

  4. That's impressive that you read all of these books in this series. I have read a lot of series books, but never any with this many titles!

    Here from the CEP.


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