February 7, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays : A Crown of Swords and The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

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Teaser Tuesdays
Share 2 teaser sentences from your current read. Be careful not to include spoilers.

A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

From Page 719

"You have to dry off sooner or later, Rand," she said, holding up a long piece of white toweling with both hands. She stood a good three paces from the tub, and the Maidens had all backed into a watching ring. Min's smile was so innocent any magistrate would have found her guilty on that alone. "Come and get dry, Rand."

The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

From Page 567

Perhaps the bedchamber was a very good idea. No matter how forward it was. Making herself smile - and blushing when she realized how easy it was to smile, thinking of that huge bed - she gripped the front of his shirt, preparing to rip shirt and coat from his back right then and there.


  1. Started and stopped reading the Wheel of Time books a long time ago. The first three were good, than went downhill.

    mine: http://storytreasury.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/teaser-tuesday-the-windup-girl/

    1. So sorry to hear that ... there are books in the series which are much slower than I like or focuses on characters which I dislike, but overall I still enjoy it

    2. I just stopped enjoying it a long time ago. :)

  2. I am loving the teasers---it brings back some of my favorite moments from the books :)

    1. Yup, another reason to like the series is the mix of the dark and the light :-)


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