February 28, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays : The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted at Should Be Reading.
Teaser Tuesdays
Share 2 teaser sentences from your current read. Be careful not to include spoilers.

The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan

From Page 325

It comes, Hopper agreed. If Shadowkiller falls to the storm, all will sleep forever. If he lives, then we will hunt together. You and us.

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan

From Page 533

And then - from the midst of the blackness, from the center of the uproar and the tempest - a tiny sliver of light split through the evil. Like a candle's glow on a very dark night. The light shone upward, toward the distant sky, like a beacon. So frail.


  1. Great teasers! My husband recently bought a Robert Jordan book and these seem like his type of thing for sure.

    1. I hope he'll enjoy them. I did. I can't wait for the last book in the series.

  2. Great teasers! I really should read the series!


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