October 26, 2012

Review : Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

Title : Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

Author : Matthew Reilly

Reading Dates : 16 Sep - 20 Sep 2012

Total Pages : 453

Shane Schofield
  • Ice Station
  • Area 7
  • Scarecrow
  • Hell Island
  • Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves
  • Scarecrow Returns
From Amazon :
At an abandoned Soviet base in the Arctic, the battle to save the world has begun…

THE SECRET BASE. It is a top-secret base known only as Dragon Island. A long-forgotten relic of the Cold War, it houses a weapon of terrible destructive force, a weapon that has just been re-activated…

A RENEGADE ARMY. When Dragon Island is seized by a brutal terrorist force calling itself the Army of Thieves, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and there are no crack units close enough to get there in time to stop the Army setting off the weapon.

ONE SMALL TEAM. Except, that is, for a small equipment-testing team up in the Arctic led by a Marine captain named Schofield, call-sign SCARECROW. It’s not a strike force; just a handful of Marines and civilians. It’s not equipped to attack a fortified island held by a vicious army.But Scarecrow will lead the team in anyway, because someone has to.


Book Review of Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves.

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves was an experiment for me. I’d never read Matthew Reilly’s books before and picked it up out of curiosity. I was nicely surprised.

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves was an exciting read. A few hours of mindless violence mixed in with improbable situations with amazing special effects. It reminds me of the kind of action thrillers I like to catch on the big screen occasionally.. Not the kind of book I’d recommend but one I can’t help liking.

What I loved most about it though was Bertie, the little robot that follows one of Scarecrow’s team members around. I couldn’t stop imagining him as a combination of Wall-E and the spirit of The Little Engine That Could combined. I’d pick up the next book in the series just so I could read about Bertie again.

A fun read. One that I wouldn’t mind repeating even if I find it a bit embarrassing that I actually liked it.

My conclusions :

  • Would I re-read the book ? Maybe, but just because I want to read about Bertie again.
  • Would I want to read the next book in the series ? Maybe.
  • Would I want to own my personal copy if I didn’t already own it ? Not really. It was fun but not a book I love.
  • Who would I recommend this too? Action thriller fans.
  • For those looking to read the book, would I recommend buying or borrowing the book? Borrow it.


  1. I've read a couple of Reilly's books, but none of the Scarecrow series. I find him a bit of a cross between Indiana Jones, Dirk Pitt, and a bit of James Bond.

    1. Yes, but after I read a couple more of the Scarecrow series, I couldn't help noticing so many similarities between his books.


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