April 10, 2010


Aenir (The Seventh Tower, Book 3)Title : Aenir
Author : Garth Nix
Reading Dates : 10 Apr - 11 Apr 2010

Seventh Tower Series. Aenir is the 3rd book in Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower series. The books in the series includes :
  • The Fall
  • Castle
  • Aenir

  • Above the Veil
  • Into Battle
  • The Violet Keystone

Book Summary of Aenir.
Breaking the customs and rules of both their world, Tal binds the Storm Shepherds Odris and Adras as Milla and his Spiritshadow companions respectively despite Milla's vehement protests. Angered, Milla runs off with Odris trailing her. Knowing little of Aenir's dangers, both Tal and Milla soon find themselves escaping numerous life-threatening situations.

Tal and Milla are reunited when the Codex contacts them and instructs them on how to free it. For Tal, he needs the Codex to find and rescue his younger brother Gref. For Milla, who learns that 2000 years ago both Chosen and Icecarl once came together to fight a war against Aenirans, she realizes that the Chosen must be prevented from freeing Aenirans once again.

Although they recover the Codex, Tal's attempt to rescue Gref fails and they must once again flee from their enemies. With even the Empress's guards chasing them, Tal and Milla flee to lowest of the Underfolk levels.

Book Review of Aenir.
While the spirit world Aenir is teeming with what should be strange and dangerous creatures, the more interesting part of this tale is what happened 2000 years ago. While the Chosen and most of the Icecarls are unaware of the existence of the other and the Chosen seem to believe that Aenir exists for the sole purpose of providing them with Spiritshadow servants, Milla has learned otherwise. In the past, Chosen and Icecarl came together to fight a war against Aenir. The war ended with the Chosen creating the Veil which covers their world and the Icecarl casting a Forgetting and binding the Aenirans to their world. Why do the Chosen and Icecarls remember none of this ? What has any of this to do with Tal and his family who are so obviously being persecuted ? Why was the Codex stolen and hidden these past 22 years ? And what of the mysterious disappearances of the Chosen over the years ? Tal may have solved a small part of the puzzle when he himself was lured by an ancient Chosen into a trap and discovers the bones of other young Chosen, but what was the old man's purpose ? What will Tal and Milla find fleeing from the Empress's guards into the lowest levels of the Castle where the Chosen rarely enter ? I can't wait to find the answers to these questions.

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