April 9, 2010


Castle (The Seventh Tower #2)Title : Castle
Author : Garth Nix
Reading Dates : 8 Apr - 10 Apr 2010

Seventh Tower Series. Castle is the 2nd book in Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower series. The books in the series includes :
  • The Fall
  • Castle
  • Aenir

  • Above the Veil
  • Into Battle
  • The Violet Keystone

Book Summary of Castle.
With the help of his rather unpredictable companion, Milla an Icecarl from the Far-Raider clan, Tal has made it back to the Castle. Along the way, he even finds the item he almost died for, a Sunstone. But all is not well. From his great-uncle Ebbitt, Tal learns that his mother's condition has worsened and she has fallen into a comatose-like sleep. And Gref, his younger brother, has been captured by an unknown enemy. The only way to find him would be to seek out The Codex of All Things. The only catch being that the Codex has been lost for more than 20 years.

However before any of them can do more, they are attacked by the Chosen and only Ebbitt escapes. Tal is taken to the Pit while Milla is interrogated within the Hall of Nightmares. The Icecarls however have their own way of dealing with nightmares and for the first time ever the Chosen start to realize that contrary to their beliefs there are people living outside of the Castle. Tal escapes from the Pit with Ebbitt's help and they rescue Milla as well. To avoid the Chosen hunting them and to seek the Codex, Tal and Milla ventures into the spirit world Aenir with Ebbitt guarding their physical bodies.

Book Review of Castle.
Unfortunately the Chosen's world is not as interesting as the Icecarl's. Although there are apparently many creations of the Chosen, they are not as wondrous as the creatures populating that of the Ice. Part of this maybe because the Chosen has forgotten their creations of old and because Tal and Milla are too busy evading Tal's unseen enemies.

What is interesting is Tal's great-uncle Ebbitt. Though Tal has always thought of his great-uncle as strange, it seems he maybe more than he seems. Ebbitt seems to have a unusual understanding with the Underfolk and is aware of the many strange events and conspiracies going on in the Castle even if he does not know who is behind them. He also seems to have an unexpected knowledge of the Castle's secret ways.

At the end, we have Tal and Milla travelling into Aenir. What will these two find there ? Will Tal be able to bind a great Spiritshadow to him, find the lost Codex and rescue his brother Gref ? All interesting questions.

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