April 14, 2010

Into Battle

Into Battle (The Seventh Tower, Book 5)Title : Into Battle
Author : Garth Nix
Reading Dates : 14 Apr - 17 Apr 2010

Seventh Tower Series. Into Battle is the 5th book in Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower series. The books in the series includes :
  • The Fall
  • Castle
  • Aenir

  • Above the Veil
  • Into Battle
  • The Violet Keystone

Book Summary of Into Battle.
Instead of resolving Tal's problems, his audience with the Empress Kathilde in Aenir underlines to Tal that the safety of their world greatly depends on his subsequent actions. Both the Empress and the Light Vizier are not only idiots but when they overthrew the previous Emperor Mercur they lost the Violet Keystone and placed themselves under the power of the Dark Vizier Sushin. Worst still is that Sushin is merely a Shadowpawn being controlled by the Shadow Sharrakor. The only stroke of luck is finding out that the Sunstone Tal and Milla had found earlier was in fact the Violet Keystone. Now, Tal must find a way to free the Keystone guardians to restore the Veil, convince the Chosen of the truth so that the Shadows are forced back to Aenir as well as restore the Violet Keystone which was split in half between Tal and Milla. To this end, Tal returns back to his body only to find himself in the midst of a war between Chosen and Icecarl. While trying to take advantage of the chaos to save his family, Tal is captured by Sushin instead.

Milla too has her share of problems. Although most of the Freefolk have agreed to help the Icecarls fight the Chosen, the Icecarls element of surprise is lost when ex-Chosen Jarnil betrays them. Thrown into battle before their main host and supplies can be gathered, all Milla and her available forces can do is attempt to hold the Underfolk levels of the Castle against both Chosen and Shadows.

Book Review of Into Battle.
I can't wait to read the conclusion to this series. Battle is joined and all parties are beginning their end game. Tal embarks on his chosen path to free the Keystone guardians, Milla leads her people in a war against the Shadows, the Freefolk aids the Icecarls to gain freedom from the Chosen and free-willed Shadows invade the Castle. How will it end ? Can the Icecarls and Chosen learn to work together ? Will Tal's mother be able to pass on his message to Milla in time ? How much time do they have before the Veil fails ? Can they restore it ? These and many questions beg to be answered. Into Battle is certainly an exciting read.

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