April 18, 2010

Promises in Death

Promises in Death (In Death, No. 28)Title : Promises in Death
Author : J. D. Robb
Reading Dates : 17 Apr - 19 Apr 2010

Book Summary of Promises in Death.
Promises in Death is a part of the In Death series written by Nora Roberts as J. D. Robb. Every book is a new case for New York Police Department Lieutenant Eve Dallas to solve, usually with the involvement and assistance of her billionaire husband Roarke. In Promises in Death, Eve has the difficult task of informing long-time close friend, the Chief Medical Examiner Morris, of the murder of his lover. Detective Amaryllis Coltraine was murdered with her own weapon and now Eve must lead her team to find a cop-killer. The investigation takes a turn for the worst when suspicions of Coltraine being on the take comes to light. Coltraine's former lover, Alex Ricker, is the estranged son of Eve and Roarke's long-time nemesis and a suspected criminal. Was Coltraine dirty ? Was this the reason she was killed ? Or was it revenge against Eve and Roarke ? These are some of the questions Eve must answer in order to solve the murder.

Book Review of Promises in Death.
Promises in Death is not as interesting a read as some earlier books in the series. While it is difficult to guess the identity of the perpetrator early on in the story, the steps Lieutenant Eve Dallas to solve the homicide case is not as compelling. Perhaps because there does not seem to be sufficient clues for me to guess the killer's identity. There's not even enough for me to say "Oh, I missed that!".

Another important component of the story is the fun in watching Eve balance her police work with her marriage and friendships. But the jokes seems to have dried up or at least run stale. Everything seems to have already been done. How can being matron of honor with most of the work being done by her partner compare to balancing her own wedding and a murder case ? Too bad, but it maybe time for me to stop following the series.

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