May 17, 2010

Fantasy Lover

by Sherrilyn Kenyon Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, Book 1)Title : Fantasy Lover
Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reading Dates : 12 May - 17 May 2010

The Dark-Hunter Series. Fantasy Lover is the 1st book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's paranormal romance Dark-Hunter series.Check out the link below for a listing of the books in the series according to reading order.

Book Summary of Fantasy Lover.
Julian is a legendary general of Macedonia who has been trapped in a book for the past 2000 years. Cursed by his own jealous half-brother, Priapus, Julian appears only to serve his summoner in their time together.

Grace Alexander is the sex therapist who unexpectedly calls forth the Macedonian love-slave. Any other woman would have been pleased to have a half-god at their beck and call. Not so Grace who at first does not know what to do with Julian. And her sympathies are aroused when she learns of the callous treatment Julian has received from his previous summoners.

Predictably, the two fall in love. Now, Grace is determined to break the curse and free Julian. They succeed, with a little advice from Cupid and some interference from Aphrodite.

Book Review of Fantasy Lover.
The first time I read this book, I must have loved it. Why else, would I hunt down and buy the other books in the series ? Yet for the life of me, I can't seem to find the reason why I liked Julian of Macedon and Grace Alexander's tale. Instead I find the story unbearably irritating this time around. Perhaps its due to the way we are told over and over again how perfect the former general turn captive love-slave is ? Or perhaps its the constant reminder that Grace's resistance is because her first lover used and then threw her aside ?

Anyway,  nothing much truly happens along the journey to Happy Ever After where our sex therapist heroine finally saves our tragic hero. The only things of note is the appearances of famous names from Greek mythology like Eros, Psyche, Aphrodite and Athena. It would have been interesting to see more of their interaction with the modern world. Imagine Eros and Psyche as 'biker people'.

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