May 3, 2010

The Guns of Avalon

The Guns of AvalonTitle : The Guns of Avalon
Author : Roger Zelazny
Reading Dates : 2 May -  3 May 2010

The Chronicles of Amber Series. The Guns of Avalon is the 2nd book in Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber series. The first 5 novels in the series, known as the Corwin Cycle, tells the story of Prince Corwin from his viewpoint :
  • Nine Princes in Amber
  • The Guns of Avalon
  • Sign of the Unicorn
  • The Hand of Oberon
  • The Courts of Chaos
Book Summary of The Guns of Avalon.
The Guns of Avalon continues with Prince Corwin's tale after his escape from his brother's dungeons in Amber. With a plan to bring in back a private invading force of his own, he first seeks out a world similar to one he once ruled, Avalon. On his way there, he aids a former comrade turned traitor whom he had exiled from Avalon long ago. Corwin succeeds in eliminating the threat to Lorraine but at the same time learns that the blood curse he uttered against Eric has had far reaching consequences. A pathway has been opened through Shadow from which strange creatures now threaten Amber. Refusing to entertain even the thoughts of a temporary cease fire with Eric, Corwin brings both his guns and private army into Amber. He soon changes his mind when he realizes the danger Amber is in, his love for Amber outweighing his hatred for his brother. Eric is killed just as Corwin's troops help Amber defeat the monstrous army at their doorstep. Unfortunately, Corwin finds that he himself has been tricked by a mysterious girl named Dara who is intent on destroying Amber.

Book Review of The Guns of Avalon.
The second book in Corwin's tale is nearly as interesting as the first, albeit in a different way. In the first book, one can hardly help admire Corwin's intrepidity as he bluffs his own enemies into helping him recover his memory. In The Guns of Avalon, one can't help liking him even if he is no prize. Corwin is no noble hero out to save Amber, but an ambitious man with absolutely no qualms when it comes to achieving his own goals. Even if he sometimes proofs he has a conscience, Corwin has not much difficulty in dismissing his errant thoughts for more practical concerns. And yet instead of finding him to be repulsive, Corwin proofs to be a rather fascinating character. Corwin is who he is and he offers no apologies for it.

And it will be interesting to solve the puzzle of Dara, the girl who managed to hoodwink our crafty protagonist? Who is she ? How is it that she possesses powers which should the sole domain of those borne of Amber's royal blood ? Why is she determined to destroy Amber ? What will Corwin do ? All these fascinating questions await.

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