September 29, 2010

Review : Sir Thursday by Garth Nix

Title : Sir Thursday
Author : Garth Nix
Reading Dates : 29 Aug - 30 Aug 2010
Sir Thursday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 4)
Keys to the Kingdom
The books in the series include :
  • Mister Monday
  • Grim Tuesday
  • Drowned Wednesday
  • Sir Thursday
  • Lady Friday
  • Superior Saturday
  • Lord Sunday
From goodreads :
On the fourth day there was war... Following their adventures in the Border Sea, Arthur and Leaf head for home. But only Leaf gets through the Front Door. Arthur is blocked because someone . . . or something . . . has assumed his identity and is taking over his life. Before Arthur can take action, he is drafted by Sir Thursday and forced to join the Glorious Army of the Architect. While Leaf tries to banish Arthur's doppleganger on earth, Arthur must survive his basic training, avoid getting posted to the Front and work out how he can free Part Four of the Will....

Book Review of Sir Thursday.
Sir Thursday starts off rather slowly compared to the first 3 books, but introduces plenty of new and interesting characters to the world of The Keys to the Kingdom.

What I didn't like were the bits involving Leaf. While that part of the story is important, I thought that it was a bit long drawn out and might have been better if Suzy had arrived earlier to help Leaf.

Arthur's recruitment to the Glorious Army too had an understandably slow start at least until the Piper's army shows up of course. Then, things really got exciting very fast.

What I loved reading about was how Arthur puts the advice his army brother had given him in the past to use. Both when Sir Thursday promotes Arthur and when he finally takes command of the Glorious Army. It was also interesting to note Arthur's frustrations at having to deal with impractical denizens. There is simply something amusing at having a young boy finding adults to be lacking in common sense and having to drum it into them

I also liked having Arthur finally put all the power he now commands to use as he orders the Will to mobilize all available forces from the Lower House, the Far Reaches and the Border Sea to reinforce the Glorious Army. It was just too bad that we didn't get to see any of them in action for long.

The Great Maze where the Glorious Army is stationed is also fascinating. A moving landscape which forms a part of their defensive strategy and which as it turns out can be used against them. How the Piper got a hold of the movements of the tectonic plates is certainly an intriguing question.

My conclusion : An interesting read for fantasy fans.

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