September 8, 2010

Review : Dead After Dark by Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Susan Squires and Dianna Love

Title : Dead After Dark
Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reading Dates : 22 Aug - 23 Aug 2010
Dead After Dark
The Dark-Hunter series.
Shadow of the Moon is from the Dark-Hunter series. Check out the link below for a listing of the books in the series according to reading order.
The Companion series.
Beyond the Night is from the Companion series. Check out the link below for a listing of the books in the series according to reading order.
From the back cover :
With these four tales of paranormal romance, it’s never been hotter to be close to death…


“Shadow of the Moon”

Angelia has fought her entire life to make herself strong. Now, with her patria under fire, she has to protect her people from Fury and his werewolf clan. Vowing to bring him to justice, Angelia sets out alone…until the hunter becomes the hunted, and the only way for her to survive is to trust the very wolf she’s sworn to kill.


“The Story of Son”

Claire Stroughton is a beautiful lawyer who would rather spend the night with a legal brief than the man of her dreams. Then a routine client meeting turns dangerous—and deeply sensual—when she is held captive by a gorgeous man with an unworldly hunger…


“Seize the Night”

When Drew Carlowe returns home to win back a lost love, he is quick to dismiss rumors that his estate is haunted by a stunning young ghost...until one passionate encounter leaves him mystified—and aching for more.


“Midnight Kiss Goodbye”

Trey McCree possesses an insatiable desire for Sasha Armand—and supernatural powers that could endanger her life as a human. But when they team up to stop an evil warlord, Trey discovers that Sasha can do way more than drive men wild…

Book Review of Dead After Dark.
This is an anthology of 4 paranormal romances.

Shadow of the Moon
Fury and Angelia's story fails because of the abrupt change in their emotions towards each other. One moment they're harbouring extreme hatred and fear towards each other. The next, they're confessing their deep love and need for each other. And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what happened to bring about this change.

The only bright spot was meeting old favourites like Zarek and Savitar. Zarek's appearance certainly has me wondering if whatever is coming is related to the events in Dream Warrior.

The Story of Son
I have a few gripes with this one. The first is how the writer keeps reminding us how aggressive Claire is. This quickly becomes a turn-off. The other reason is how quick she accepts and desires the vampire she names Michael. It is not unreasonable to accept his vampiric nature after the evidence he gives her, but wouldn't the average person be terrified to find themselves imprisoned with a vampire.

What I found interesting though was Fletcher. Even at the end of the story, I couldn't figure out what he was. It certainly leaves me curious to solve the puzzle.

Beyond the Night
This is the one I liked best of the four stories. It was nice not only having the heroine be the one in charge but also the more powerful. And to top it off, the progress of their relationship was believable too.

The only thing I had a hard time accepting was the timing of Freya's father's arrival. It didn't escape my notice how convenient it was. Just in time to help Freya overcome her uncertainties.

Midnight Kiss Goodbye
The last tale is the only one I disliked. While making sacrifices are part and parcel of being a saviour, repeatedly thinking of how he had no choice but to give up his happiness for the world does not make Trey heroic. Having someone else think it yes, but not the person himself. As for Sasha, she and everyone around her might declare her a tough gal but I see her to be a door-mat with no self-respect. Not only does she immediately attempt to seduce a man who left her years ago without reason, she actually finds his spying on her as sweet. I cannot help thinking that there must be something wrong with a person who doesn't find such stalker-like behaviour to be creepy. Apart from that, she spends most of the book either obeying Trey to stay out of harm's way or calling for him to save her when she's in trouble. Hardly the picture of a kick-butt heroine.

My conclusion : Give this collection a miss.

My favourite books from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter and Dream-Hunter series so far :

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