September 1, 2010

Review : Emma by Jane Austen

Title : Emma
Author : Jane Austen
Reading Dates : 18 Aug - 20 Aug 2010
From Amazon:
Emma has long played matchmaker for her friends and believes her own heart immune from the lures of love. This is a fascinating, hilarious coming-of-age tale of one woman seeking her true nature and finding true love in the process.

Book Review of Emma.
Emma was a fun read which I enjoyed very much.

The heroine of the story, 21-year old Emma Woodhouse, is a lovable snob who reminds me of Mrs. Norris from Mansfield Park. But where Mrs Norris happily decides how reasonable certain expenditures are when they are not her own, Emma assigns her own estimations of Harriet Smith's eligibility as a bride. Until that is Emma realizes that the man Harriet has set her sights on is also the one she loves. Then, of course Harriet's value plummets dramatically.

The most entertaining part of the story though is how highly Emma rates her ability to see through others, yet does not understand her own self. Not only does she believe herself in love with someone when she isn't, she also does not recognize her first pangs of jealousy. It actually takes the possibility of losing the person in question before she realizes that she's in love.

Another reason I found this story interesting was Emma's preoccupation with the distinctions of class. This is also another common theme in the other Jane Austen books. I wonder if this is a true or exaggerated reflection of the thinking of the time ? Another thing to note is the absence of the usual recycled plot elements I mentioned in my review of Mansfield Park.

My conclusion : A light read to relax with.

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Which versions of Emma below have you seen ? I myself, have only seen the version starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Emma (2009)EmmaEmma (A&E, 1997)


  1. I've never read this book or seen the movie. Your review was great! I love short but thorough reviews like yours.

    Was the movie with Paltrow good?

  2. @Sharyla

    The movie was ok. I thought the got Emma's character right even if the story was different from the book.

  3. I totally agree this is light Jane Austen -- and a great summer read! I am glad you enjoyed it :)


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