October 8, 2011

Review : No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Title : No Mercy
Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reading Dates : 13 Aug - 14 Aug 2011
No Mercy (Dark-Hunter)
From Amazon :
Live fast, fight hard and if you have to die then take as many of your enemies with you as you can. That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by. Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there’s a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she’s ever faced before.

Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he’s seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power- one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.

The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero. But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules and pray it doesn’t unravel the universe as we know it.

Book Review of No Mercy.
I liked No Mercy but not enough to put it on my list of favorite Dark-Hunter books.

The main reason is that I simply don’t get the combination of Sam and Dev. Their relationship was too sudden to be believable and absolutely inexplicable to me. What exactly draws them together is the question I constantly ask myself. Without revealing too much, I felt that Sam still had plenty of issues to resolve before their relationship could have a chance. And there’s also one part of the equation which is not answered fully; for what reason did Sam mysteriously lose her ability to read Dev is never answered.

What I did love about the story was the chance to revisit favorite characters from the Dark-Hunter world. If I have any complaints here, it would be that I wished some of them like Acheron had more of a role to play instead of being relegated to the occasional odd appearance.

At the same time, there’s all these new characters and strange happenings in the Dark-Hunter world. There’s no doubt that the Dark-Hunter world is evolving and I can’t wait to read the next books to find out what is going on.

As a side note, I really wish that Nick grows up soon. He’s starting to irritate me with his self-destructive tendencies and unforgiving attitude towards Acheron. It doesn’t help that he’s blaming everyone but the ones truly at fault. Really, he needs to be taught a lesson before he is redeemed, if at all.

Overall, an interesting addition to the Dark-Hunter series but not much on the romance.

My conclusions :
  • Would I re-read the book ? Yes, but because it's part of the Dark-Hunter series.
  • Would I want to read the next book in the series ? Yes.
  • Would I want to own my personal copy if I didn’t already own it ? Yes.
  • Who would I recommend this too? Dark-Hunter series fans.
  • For those looking to read the book, would I recommend buying or borrowing the book? Buy it if you're following the series. Else, borrow it.

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