March 19, 2011

Review : About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken

Title : About a Dragon
Author : G.A. Aiken
Reading Dates : 2 Mar - 5 Mar 2011
About A Dragon (Dragon Kin, Book 2)
Dragon Kin
Book in the series so far:
  • Dragon Actually
  • About a Dragon
  • What a Dragon Should Know
  • Last Dragon Standing
  • The Dragon Who Loved Me
From Amazon :
For Nolwenn witch Talaith, a bad day begins with being dragged from bed by an angry mob intent on her crispy end and culminates in rescue by - wait for it - a silver maned dragon. Existence as a hated outcast is nothing new for a woman with such powerful secrets. The dragon, though? A tad unusual. This one has a human form to die for, and knows it.According to dragon law, Talaith is now his property, for pleasure...Or otherwise. But if Lord Arrogance thinks she's the kind of damsel to acquiesce without a word, he's in for a surprise...Is the woman never silent? Briec the Mighty knew the moment he laid eyes on Talaith that she would be his, but he'd counted on tongue-lashings of an altogether different sort. It's embarrassing, really, that it isn't this outspoken female's magicks that have the realm's greatest dragon in her thrall. No, Briec has been spellbound by something altogether different - and if he doesn't tread carefully, what he doesn't know about human women could well be the undoing of his entire race...

Book Review of About a Dragon.
I loved About a Dragon. This was the decider for me, the one that has me adding the rest of the books in the series to my wish list.

As to why I loved it, well there are several reasons. The first is the pairing of Briec and Talaith. I never imagined someone could be so arrogant as to be actually charming, but Briec actually accomplished that. And no one else could have handled him as well as Talaith. I spent more than half the book laughing hysterically at their very unorthodox and unacknowledged courtship.

Then, there’s the return of Briec’s dragon kin. They get in each other’s way and are regularly tempted to kill each other but when push comes to shove, they’re there for each other. The only ones allowed to beat up their family are themselves, even the ones they don’t get along with.

And of course, it was more than nice to read about Fearghus and Annwyl again. They actually make being bloodthirsty seem sweet.

As a bonus, there was an intriguing plot in play which could lead to war with the gods. It has certainly left me curious for more.

My conclusions :
  • Would I re-read the book ?Definitely, yes.
  • Would I want to read the next book in the series ? Another resounding yes.
  • Would I want to own my personal copy if I didn’t already own it ? Yes, yes!
  • Who would I recommend this too? Anyone looking for a light read.
  • For those looking to read the book, would I recommend buying or borrowing the book? Buy this. Better yet buy the series.

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