April 5, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays : Bandits by LM Preston

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Teaser Tuesdays

Share 2 teaser sentences from your current read. Be careful not to include spoilers

"So, for my first adventure, I'd say I did just fine - you know, being a girl and all. Don't you think so, Daniel?"


  1. I want to get this book - girl pirate!

  2. Oh he better answer very carefully LOL

    You can find my teasers here at The Bookish Snob

  3. I just finished reading this the other day! How are you enjoying it so far?

  4. I am sure that she did exceedingly well!

    My teaser is from Discovery of Witches this week.

  5. I can feel the underlying promise of what she would do if he answered incorrectly. Nice :)
    Here's mine, Mistress of Rome: http://tiny.cc/1hav8

  6. Yay - a girl bandit :D awesomesauce.

    (My reply below to your comment on my blog)
    @Kah Woei - Sorry, maybe I should have chosen something easier? This is actually a strong "feeling" that has been sent to Kieri to warn him of approaching danger.
    Oh, and he is getting this from his dead sister's ghost (whose hand is applying pressure to his right cheek).
    That helped right? :P

  7. @bookishardour.com
    I just finished it myself this morning ... hmmm can't say I enjoyed it at all :-(

  8. @Deepavali
    Hehe ... well, it lessens the confusion.

  9. Sounds good, nice teaser.

    stop and see mine and my giveaways.

  10. I've read of this book. How are you liking it?

  11. That's a shame you didn't enjoy it, hopefully your next read is awesome.

  12. @Shirley
    Afraid I didn't like it very much ...

    Thanks. And yes, I love the book I'm currently reading ... Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld :-)

  13. Seems like we do not have enough adventure stories these days. I miss that.

  14. I'm glad that, as a girl, she did so well! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by Proud Book Nerd! :-)

  15. I have this one here to review as well. :) And it sounds like a good read. Thank you for the teaser. :)


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