December 17, 2010

What's left on my To-Be-Read Pile ?

2010 To-Be-Read List (In My Mailbox, Mailbox Monday)
  1. Canavan, Trudi: The Magician's Apprentice (Review)
  2. Canavan, Trudi: The Magician's Guild (Review)
  3. Canavan, Trudi: The Novice (Review)
  4. Canavan, Trudi: The High Lord (Review)
  5. Follett, Ken : The Pillars of the Earth (Review)
  6. Follett, Ken : World Without End (Review)
  7. Fuller, Kathleen: A Summer Secret (Review)
  8. Garcia, Kami and Stohl, Margaret: Beautiful Creatures (Review)
  9. Gregory, Philippa: The Queen's Fool (Review)
  10. Gregory, Philippa: The Virgin's Lover (Review)
  11. Hauck, Rachel: Dining with Joy (Review)
  12. James, Henry: The Turn of the Screw (Review)
  13. Kenyon, Sherrilyn : Seize the Night (Review)
  14. Kenyon, Sherrilyn: Bad Moon Rising (Review)
  15. Kessler, Jackie Morse: Hunger (Review)
  16. King, Caro : Seven Sorcerers (Review)
  17. King, Stephen: Song of Susannah (Review)
  18. King, Stephen: The Dark Tower (Review)
  19. Larsson, Stieg: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Review)
  20. Larsson, Stieg: The Girl Who Played with Fire (Review)
  21. Larsson, Stieg: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Review)
  22. Lawhead, Stephen: The Skin Map (Review)
  23. Lewis, Jon: Invasion (Review)
  24. Miller, Karen: Empress (Review)
  25. Miller, Karen: The Riven Kingdom (Review)
  26. Miller, Karen: Hammer of God (Review)
  27. Nix, Garth: Mister Monday (Review)
  28. Nix, Garth: Grim Tuesday (Review)
  29. Nix, Garth: Drowned Wednesday (Review)
  30. Nix, Garth: Sir Thursday (Review)
  31. Nix, Garth: Lady Friday (Review)
  32. Nix, Garth: Superior Saturday (Review)
  33. Nix, Garth: Lord Sunday (Review)
  34. Nix, Garth: The Fall (Review)
  35. Nix, Garth: Castle (Review)
  36. Nix, Garth: Aenir (Review)
  37. Nix, Garth: Above the Veil (Review)
  38. Nix, Garth: Into Battle (Review)
  39. Preston, L.M.: Explorer X-Alpha (Review)
  40. Preston, L.M.: The Pack (Review)
  41. Riordan, Rick: The Last Olympian (Review)
  42. Robb, J. D.: Promises In Death (Review)
  43. Shelley, Mary: Frankenstein (Review)
  44. Smith, L.J.: The Hunter (Review)
  45. Smith, L.J.: The Chase (Review)
  46. Smith, L.J.: The Kill (Review)
  47. Stevenson, Robert Louis: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Review)
  48. Stoker, Bram: Dracula (Review)
  49. Walpole, Horace: The Castle of Otranto (Review)
  50. Ward, J. R.: Lover Revealed (Review)
  51. Ward, J. R.: Lover Avenged (Review)
  52. Wilde, Oscar: The Picture of Dorian Gray (Review)
  53. Wroblewski, David: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (Review)


  1. I got both Ken Follet's novels listed. What a great list you got here!!! Impressive.

    Read my review on James Patterson's Run For Your Life HERE

  2. Dang you go girl!

    You really have been plowing through that list and I might steal the idea for 2011. I need to catalog the books I have that I need to read :)

  3. @cj'alhafiz and Felicia
    Thanks. I think I'll never finish because I keep adding to it or re-reading my own books whenever the mood strikes. :-)


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